Uppspuni is a Mini Mill. The first of its kind in Iceland. It is owned and manufactured by the farmers Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir and Tyrfingur Sveinsson, who run the mill alongside their farming with sheep and cattle. The Mini Mill started it‘s business on 1st of July 2017, and a „grande opening“ took place on 17th of March 2018. Then also opening a small shop above the mill. At Uppspuni the owners process almost all the wool from their own sheep to yarn or other things that can be made with wool. They have also handmade items from family, neighbors and friends for sale in the shop. So it is all local. Here we offer introduction of what goes on in the mill and how we make yarn. But also some information about the Icelandic sheep, it‘s story, it‘s wool, what can be and has been made from it until now. Also if an Icelander has sheep or wool he wants to knit from, he can bring it to us and we will process it into yarn. Uppspuni.is Uppspuni