What is the wool week?

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Thingborg Wool Workshop and you are invited! We invite you all to celebrate sheep, wool and crafts in the South of Iceland for one week from the 4th of October – 11th of October 2020.

This will be the first time we are calling together local farmers and crafts people to wool week in the South of Iceland and the first time in Iceland too! We will kick off with a “Let´s Cast On” event which will be held simultaneously in Thingborg community hall, the mini mill Uppspuni and of course in Thingborg Wool Workshop.

Thingborg community hall will be the center and during the wool week there will be a daily knitting hub, numerous classes and work shops, exhibitions, talks and a crafts market. There will be demonstrations of shearing in Uppspuni mini mill and a coloured sheep show on a sheep farm close to Hella. Locations will span from Hveragerði to Vík in the South of Iceland.

Iceland has a longstanding history and tradition of sheep farming and wool processing. In the past sheep farming was the very base of survival in rural Iceland and in recent years wool processing has experienced a renewed interest. Today Iceland boosts a lively community of hand knitters, spinners and dyers. Come and join us for Wool week!