Playing with Plying – Spunanámskeið: Að tvinna á ýmsa vegu


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Föstudaginn/Friday 4. október/october kl.10:00-13:00

Staðsetning/Location: Félagsheimilið Þingborg

Laura Spinner

Námskeið er kennt á ensku. – Workshop in English.

A wide range of different plying methods will be taught, from basic well-plied 2-ply and 3-ply yarns, and all the way to art yarns including spirals, beehives and multi-plies with a playful character.  The importance of twist in the singles and the angle of the ply will also be a focus. This is a very hands-on clinic with lots of individualized learning.

We will work with our own pre-spun singles (see below), first learning with our samples and then spinning a finished yarn with your choice of method.

What students need to bring: 

  1. A spinning wheel in good working order, extra bobbins. (If you need to borrow a wheel you can send an email to
  2. Your own samples, see below.
  3. Plying yarns for fun! These can be commercial funky novelty yarns, sparkly threads if durable, mohair yarn or cotton crochet yarn.
  4. Pen and paper to take notes.
  5. Extra fiber if you want to spin more singles to ply while in class

Skill Level: This workshop is open to all levels of spinners, must be able to spin a single.

Preparation for workshop:

Spin different sample yarns to bring for plying, such as “thick and thin” spun yarn, yarns with a lot of twist, corespun, or any other yarn you wish to experiment with in class. Learning samples do not need to be very long. Have yarns on bobbins or in balls, ready to ply.

What’s included in the fee: Some yarns to use for plying.