Indigolitun: Fyrirlestur og sýnikennsla – Indigodyeing: Demonstration


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Miðvikudaginn/Wednesday 2. október/october kl.13:00-15:00

Staðsetning/Location: Hespuhúsið

Guðrún Bjarnadóttir

Námskeið er kennt á ensku.– Workshop in English

In the first part of the class there will be a 40 min talk about the natural color, blue dyed with indigo. The history of blue goes back 6000 years and involves kings, vikings, death penalty, trading, slavery and war. After the coffee break Guðrún will demonstrate a indigo dyebath (hydro vat) and dye the colors blue, green, purple and more. Participants get to dye one skein 50g at their own choice and take home with them.

What students need to bring: Nothing

Preparation for workshop: Nothing

What’s included in the fee: Yarn to dye and coffee.