What is South Iceland Wool Week?

Ullarvikan á Suðurlandi 2021 – South Iceland Woolweek – was first held on 3-9. October 2021. The center of the wool week was in Félagsheimilið Þingborg in Flóahreppur, and the main program took place there. A course in handicrafts was offered and teachers from Iceland, Scotland, Norway and the United States were recruited.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the wool week, a cafeteria was open in Þingborg, where visitors had the opportunity to sit down, have a coffee and practice their craft. There were lectures and open houses in various places where free instructions were offered in knitting, crocheting and other things related to working with wool.

A market day was set up on the Saturday of wool week, where people related to handicrafts, wool and sheep had the opportunity to present their companies and productions.

Then it was possible to observe the spinning by the Uppspuni Mini Mill factory in Lækjartún, wool assessment and the continued processing of the wool into string. Guests also had the opportunity to buy fleece and either get a spun yarn of their choice made or make it themselves.

There was a colour exhibition of live cattle in Árbæjarhjáleiga in Rangárþing, where the various shades of Icelandic sheep were presented.

Workshops of various kinds were offered, for example in knitting, crochet, spinning, colour combinations in knitting, vegetable dyeing, felting, creating patterns and more.

The Wool Week was held again in 2022 with the same format, and the intention is to hold this event again every other year.